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I'm glad I went to Vietnam, and I'm proud of the men I served with. I truly believe that they were the best this country had to offer. I've been asked on more than one occasion since my return home, if given the same opportunity, Would I do it all over again? Would I volunteer to serve my country in Vietnam? And my answer has always been the same.


Yes, I would, because I have, No Regrets. 

J. Richard Watkins

Vietnam: No Regrets: One Soldier's "Tour of Duty"

Contrary to the familiar depictions, South Vietnamese society was teeming with ordinary people from different walks of life, many of whom voluntarily participated in public life. (...) The Vietnam War provide the context for the large part of people's association lives, but the war certainly did not define them. People were organizing to shelter refugees, take care of war orphans, and bury victims of military massacres.

Van Nguyen-Marshall

Between War and the State: Civil Society in South Vietnam, 1954–1975

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